Special Services

Orthotics, Acupuncture, Compression Hosiery & More

Along with our physiotherapy and massage services, GPSTC offers the following special services:


Reduce foot and heel pain, bunions, and hammer toes with orthotics. We offer a wide variety of orthopaedic footwear including shoes, boots, and sandals. Our orthopaedic footwear comes in various colours and styles to fit your individual needs.


Acupuncture can help relieve chronic pain, increase the production of endorphins, reduce inflammation, and accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal. Headaches along with neck, back & joint pain are often alleviated thanks to acupuncture. The number of appointments you schedule depends on your condition being treated. We use only sterile, disposable needles for the service.

Compression Hosiery

Compression clothing has many benefits including prevention of deep vein thrombosis, edema, and phlebitis. Some athletes can also benefit from compression hosiery or stockings because this specialty clothing can reduce the onset of muscle soreness after exercise

Sport, Work & Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Physiotherapy has many benefits for individuals who have sustained injuries caused by sports, work, or motor vehicle accidents. We offer services like kinesiotaping or sports taping which gives stability for joints and muscles. Work rehab programs including those for WSIB help you recover in a supportive and professional setting to get back to work quickly. For motor vehicle accidents, GPSTC helps you through the process of recovering and rehabilitation, providing treatments, education, and advice.

For more details on the special services you see here, please do not hesitate to contact us.